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The plugins used in this template are described here.

Cherry Sidebars

Cherry Sidebars allows to create and manage your own dynamic sidebars.

Cherry Sidebars is a lightweight plugin for creating multiple widget areas, and outputting them on posts or pages of your choosing. Now you don't have to limit yourself to one widget area, instead you can create as many as you like. Group your widgets into multiple areas, and pick which one you want to display for a certain post or page.

The plugin can be useful for certain posts or pages, where you want your content to be different, for example you need to add a banner ad to your popular post, or a bio section to the 'About' page. Cherry Sidebars would be a perfect tool for this task.

An example of two custom sidebars with the widgets.

The form for creating a sidebar. Simply specify name and description for your new sidebar.

This is the sidebar manager panel that allows you to assign one of the sidebars to the current page.

Cherry PopUps

This plugin is used to display popups of your projects on a site page. It has its own settings page which allows to save, reset and set default options. With its help you will be able to create various kinds of popups and manage them the way you like.

Popup Options

Each popup has its own settings which are gathered in Popup settings.

General Settings Sections

  • Popup layout type
    Choose popup layout type (center, fullwidth center, fullwidth bottom)
  • Show/Hide animation
    Choose show/hide animation effects(fade, scale, move up)
  • Base style preset
    Popup controls base color styles(default, light, dark, blue, red)
  • Container background type
    Container background type (fill-color, image)
  • Container background color
    Popup container background color
  • Container background image
    Choose container background image
  • Container opacity
    Container opacity (active for fill-color type)
  • Popup width
    Popup container width
  • Popup height
    Popup container height


  • Type of overlay
  • disabled
    Disable the overlay
  • fill-color
    Background fill-cover
  • Overlay background color
    Choose overlay background color
  • Overlay opacity
    Set overlay background opacity
  • Overlay background image
    Set overlay background image
  • Use Overlay as close button
    Clicking on the overlay closes the popup

"Open" page settings

  • "Open page" popup appear event
    Set an event to which a popup will be opened
  • Close page popup display in
    Pages identification for the default popup
  • On page load
    page complete load event
  • Inactivity time after
    Inactivity time event
  • On page scrolling
    Page scrolling progress event
  • Open delay
    Set the time delay when the page loads

"Close" page settings

"Close page" popup appear event

  • Outside viewport
    Set top border for mouse cursor
  • Page unfocus
    User sets focus on another page or app in the system

Advanced settings

  • Template
    Template file for content

Popup Identification on static page

If standard settings are not enough for identifying a visible section, there is a metablock that allows you to add a particular popup to any static page. To find the metablock open any page of your website in the and scroll down to the Cherry Popups section.

You can assign 2 popups simultaneously. One at the beginning, and another one at the end of section.

Plugin Options

All plugin settings are gathered in Popups > Settings

General Settings Sections

Here ou can define where and for which users to display popups.

  • Enable popups
    Enable/disable plugin functions globally for the site
  • Enable Plugin on Mobile Devices
    Show/hide popups on mobile devices
  • Enable for logged users
    Show/hide popups for logged in users

Open page Settings

  • Default Open Page Popup
    Default open page popup identity
  • Open page popup display in
    Pages identification for the default popup

Close page settings

  • Default Close Page Popup
    Default close page popup identity
  • Close page popup display in
    Pages identification for the default popup

Mailing List Manager

MailChimp mailing list settings

  • MailChimp API key
    Add MailChimp Api key (how to get)
  • MailChimp list ID
    Profile list id (how to get)

TM WooCommerce Compare Wishlist

TM WooCommerce Compare Wishlist is designed as an addition to the TM WooCommerce Package and gives your store even more functionality. With its help visitors will be able to add various kinds of products to the wishlist and compare pages. The plugin actually combines two separate widgets and installs them with a single click of a mouse.

TM Mega Menu

This TM Mega Menu plugin allows you to create multi-column menu drop-downs. It also lets you display necessary information in the main menu.

After the plugin is installed and activated, you can navigate to "Appearance > Menus" in the WordPress dashboard. Hover over the menu tab and click the Mega Menu icon.

Here you can work with Mega Menu.
  • Enable Mega Menu for current item
    This property allows to enadle/disable Mega Menu for the items of the general menu strusture
  • Settings
    This tab defines subitems behaviour: here you can group sub items to columns, define the number of columns, container columns number; here you can also set layout and position for the current Mega menu
  • Media
    This tab allows to select item icon, item arrow, show or hide menu link text, show or hide sub-menu arrow

TM WoooCommerce Package

This custom designed plugin from TemplateMonster. It brings a set of widgets that will help you make the site work to the full potential.
Here is the full list of widgets available:
  • About Store widget
  • Banners Grid widget
  • Custom Menu widget
  • Product Categories widget
  • Products Carousel widget
  • Products Smart Box widget

TM Style Switcher

TM Style Switcher plugin allows creating themes with multiple appearance variations, and is, therefore, highly beneficial for web developers.

Features and settings

TM Style Switcher operates with settings of WordPress Live Customizer, that’s why it is compatible with just any contemporary theme.

To start working with the plugin go to the Live Customizer in the admin panel of your WordPress website and find the Export/Import tab. Here you will find the following options:

  1. Export – generates and downloads a .JSON file with your current theme settings;

  2. Import – uploads previously saved theme settings;

  3. Restore Settings – restores the default settings that were active before the installation of the plugin.

TM WooCommerce Ajax Filters

TM WooCommerce Ajax Filters plugin helps to implement the filters that are necessary to make the search of products much easier. When the Ajax Filter is working, the products will be displayed in accordance of the filter that was selected. The plugin makes it easy for customers to find all the necessary goods they are looking for.

TM WooCommerce Quick View

TM WooCommerce Quick View plugin helps to add Quick View button to the blocks where WooCommerce products are listed. It makes the process of choosing the product much easier for the customers so that they can view the products much quicker.

Power Builder

Power builder is a brand new drag and drop page builder from TemplateMonster. It allows even non developers to build top-quality and fully functional sites for any kind of business.

Power Builder Integrator

Power Builder Integrator is specially designed to help users integrate 3d party plugins into the Content Builder.

Cherry Team Members

The plugin Cherry Team Members is specially designed to make it easier for the businesses to display info about their team and personnel. It contains a full set of options and tools that will help adjust the profile in accordance with the skills and the position of the members.

Installing Cherry Team Members

So, let's take a closer look at how to install this plugin

  1. Upload the Cherry Team Members plugin to your blog

  2. Activate it

  3. Enter your Cherry Team Members API key

Cherry Testimonials

Unveil customers' feedback on your services to look more reliable to prospects. This easy-to-use plugin Cherry Testimonials will let you add testimonials to any post and page of your site via shortcodes. With Cherry Testimonials, you can prove your testimonials aren't fake and were written by real people. Besides the testimonial itself, it's possible to reveal a lot of details about its author. They include his name, photo, email, company he works in, his position, and link to the site of that company or his personal blog. Note that you can hide the email, position, company's name, and photo, if a customer doesn't want you to reveal any of that data.

Installing Cherry Testimonials

So, let's take a closer look at how to install this plugin

  1. Upload the Cherry Testimonials plugin to your blog

  2. Activate it

  3. Enter your Cherry Testimonials API key

Jetimpex Dashboard

Jetimpex Dashboard is a service plugin. It will help you to update and backup template version easily.

After plugin installation it adds two new blocks: Dashdoard and Updates.


In this section you can find varying information about:

  • System Information
    Here you can see your site URL, home URL, and multisite information
  • Theme
    Here you can see your current theme ID, name, version, and whether you are using a child theme
  • Server
    Here you can see server memory, post max size, upload max filesize, max input time and max execution time
  • Active Plugins
    Here you can see your active plugin name
  • Installed Themes
    Here you can see the name of your installed theme
  • Helpful links
    Here you can find some helpful links which can guide you
  • Recommended plugins
    In this block you\'ll see a list of recommended plugins for your current theme, and you can install the missing ones easily


If you want to get your theme updates you have to registrate your template. Please, enter the order ID and Template ID and click on SUBMIT button. When new updates will be available you will get a notification in your admin panel. Be aware that you need to fill in both fields in order to get fresh updates.


This function allows you to create backups of your theme at will. To make a backup you just need to press the button 'Backup Theme' and a backup will be made instantly.

There is also a variety of settings for backups. Here they are:

  • Backup before update
    An option enables backup before update, in this case a backup is made automatically right before the theme update changes will take place
  • Scheduled Backup
    Here you can enable a sheduled backup
  • Backup
    In this field you can set the specific frequency when the backup is to be made
  • Time of backup
    Here you can set particular time for backup
  • Number of backup copies
    Here you can set how many backup copies are to be made, the setting will define only the number of automatically made backups, you still can make as many backups manually as you need to

When all the changes are made you can save your settings by pressing the button "Save Options". That's it!

Backup List

To view the list of existing backups and make changes in it you need to view Updates tab on your Administration Panel. At the bottom of the page you\'ll see the list where you can view backup copies of your theme, made both automatically and manually.

  • The note A on the line with backup means that this backup was made automatically.
  • Backup Date shows the date and time when the backup was made.
  • Version shows the version of your theme backup.

You can also restore, download and delete your backups.