Cherry Search

WordPress Plugin

Cherry Search

This plugin allows you to send search queries without reloading the page via AJAX technology. In this way, users can find any information they are interested in quickly and easily. Thanks to a full range of settings, you can customize the functionality of the plugin the way you need.

The plugin is multilingual, so you can install it on any website, no matter on what language it is. WooCommerce themes work perfectly with this plugin as well. No need to change the code, simply install Cherry Search and enjoy a brand new functionality of your store.

You can add Cherry Search in several ways

  1. Enable a "Replace the standard search" option
  2. Add Cherry Search using this shortcode [cherry_search_form]
  3. Add PHP code to the necessary files of your theme:if ( function_exists( 'cherry_get_search_form' ) ) { cherry_get_search_form(); }